My Brother

My brother is a …. well you can say he’s a disaster. At least that’s what we know about him for years.

He’s weird.

I mean….weird in a weirdest way that you can not imagine.

He’s a type of person you’ll never find anywhere else in this whole world. He’s one of a kind. There’ll be no one else you can find which alike him. Cause, he’s the only that kind of person in  this world. Even very well known artists are less interesting than my brother. Cause my brother is unlike anybody else in this whole world.

He’s my brother.

Most of the time he has made all of us in the house feel shit, sad, mad, worried, silly, …etc because he’s been utterly un normal and we’re really hope he’ll turn out  to be less un normal and slowly living his life as a normal person as anybody else.

Yep.. what’s the point in being normal anyway?

He has a very strong personality yet a very sensitive heart. A very talented guy.

My brother is a genius. That’s why he has nobody understands him.

And i love him.


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