Not on Facebook

I woke up this morning and found an sms from my friend. We’re not seeing each other for a while since one month ago. He asked me why I never up dated my Facebook anymore. He said he sad of knowing that I’m not using my Facebook again lately. Then I said to him that I decided not to activated my Facebook account for awhile, and it’s already been a week. Til when? I can not make sure til when. Maybe until the time I feel it’s necessary anymore to activate it again.

He’s not the only person who asked me why I deactivated my Facebook. Few more people asked me the same question before. I’m sorry my friends, but I have to do that for some reasons.

And here’s the reason why I do that: I’m trying to keep my self away from something which makes me sitting in the front of computer for a long time. Having Facebook made me sat in the front of my computer checking people’s stuff and posting small stuff which slacked me up on work. I’ve tempted to see other people stuff like photos and profiles.

We all meant to post these stuff for other people to see and somehow it tied up bonds between friends especially when our friends and us were living in different places. Then it’s not a mistake or it’s a wrong thing if we are checking up their profiles or photos, but somehow I feel like a spy. Seem like I’ve checking out somebody else’s life without their acknowledgment. And being on Facebook made me feel like I’m being inside and a part of a big crowded of people which  somehow made my head dizzy. It made me loading up other people’s stuff in my head rather than having my own life and stuff. I like to have a peaceful silent head for awhile. I would like to have an autonomy of my own head and my own mind.

I’ve just read this other statistic about Facebook:

  • 120 million active users worldwide
  • 85% of students in college have a Facebook account
  • 60% of which sign on daily with an average of 20 minutes spent on the site
  • 4th most-trafficked website in the world
  • Most-trafficked social media site in the world
  • 1/4 companies block Facebook from their employees
  • Revenue is 300 million USD (2008 est.)
  • There are 700 Employee (November 2008)
  • Over 55,000 regional, work-related, collegiate, and high school networks
  • More than half of Facebook users are outside of college
  • The fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older

I think, most of us must be think: Mark Zuckenberg, the main creator of Facebook is a very genius man. You can do lots of things with Facebook virtually, including throwing a sheep at your friend!

I think Facebook could be considered as one of the biggest invention (I dont know what the proper term for Facebook beside “invention”) in world’s communication tool of this century. And somehow I think is such a fucking madness what this invention does to our daily life. See how it takes part on our small life. It’s like a giant invincible hand. Mark Zuckenberg, you’re so so great 🙂 And I bet my salute to you has no meaning cause more than million people in this world has been saluting you every single day.. It made my salute to you quickly drowning. We can read that 120 million people are using Facebook. Then maybe that’s about how much people salute Mark. Or could be more? Ha ha..

Maybe instead of addicted to Facebook after this, I’ll becoming a blog addict. But at least, addicted to blog makes me more productive in writing. And that would be a good thing 😉

Friends.. I’ll be back on Facebook one day, I just dont know when.


6 thoughts on “Not on Facebook

  1. You can have an account on facebook not to spy your friends. Just log in 2 minutes and have a glimpse of friends’ news all over the world. It is what I do.
    But it’s your choice and I respect it.

    • This is how I control my self.. And I have other reason. This is not my 1st time deactivating my facebook. I’ve done this before 😉
      Good on you Guill of doing 2 minutes of Facebook each time u’re on it!

    • ha ha ha.. no worries.. cause I was thinking the same like what you’ve said. about me getting a blog addict 😀

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