They supposed to be cute, not sad!

Today is the last day for Ruthie for being in Jogja. She’ll have a flight to Bali and soon back to Australia. She desired to visit water castle. Then we’re there after lunch at Viavia. The weather was sunny. Nice.

Not a lot of people visited water castle today since it’s not weekend. Unlike the usual, this time no local tour guide followed me. Maybe because I looked so calm and more confident than the few times I went there before. Yes I felt calm and confident.. I remember most of the main history of water castle and I remember how the way to get to the old wall behind the Ngasem bird market and also the way to the underground mosque. Well, we got lost.. but just a little bit. Ha ha..

When we’re on bird market it’s almost closed because we’re arrived there at 2pm. But there were still many animals seller staying. We saw birds on cages, bats on cages, owl on cage, puppies on cages, geckos on cages, cats on cages, snakes on cages.. anything there on cages except the humans. We could see and feel that the animals there were stressed out. Poor them.. they supposed to live free rather on cages. We even see a baby monkey there.. without it’s mum. Sad.. sad.. sad..

But, we still found cute thing whatsoever. I showed Ruthie the dyed chickens. She loves it. Me too.. It’s weird. Cute though.. Then on 3pm we went home straight away because Ruthie had to leave Tembi at 5pm to airport.

Hmm.. this house empty again. I have to enjoy the silent times again, as usual. Thanks Ruthie for your visit. Short time, but been more than nice. Thanks for allowing me posting these great photos you took.


One thought on “They supposed to be cute, not sad!

  1. waw..

    aiamnya unik..
    banyak warna..

    jadi pngin..

    mampir balik yah gan!
    Coretan Otaku
    – my anime info –

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