Great Friend, Great Days

Hmm.. hello.. anybody who’s now reading this blog 🙂

How are you? Hope you are well and happy.

I don’t know what the right words to start this writing  which able to summarized what I had for the last two days. First, I’m having a new lovely cool friend, Ruthie. After spending times together, we’re getting to know each other better and closer. We kinda feel connected to each other, and been hang out with her makes me feel great. Second, I had wonderful time and wonderful trip with Ruthie. I’ll tell you more about it.. you just have to continue to read this writing.

Yesterday, on Sunday 24th January, we went to my old friend’s house named Dyah. She and her husband Gary running a small warung specialized in pizza. They named their warung Pizza Sawah. It’s 12,5 kilometers from north Ring Road, in Kaliurang street. The reason they named their warung Pizza Sawah is because their house and their warung placed nearby sawah (rice fields). Dyah cooked a pan of pizza for us. It’s really tasty. Dyah said that nowadays their warung have more visitors. They been running this warung almost one year since June or May? I forgot when exactly. Normally they open at 6pm til 10pm for last order, but many times Dyah and Gary also welcoming their guests before 6pm. Like at mid day on lunch time. “I got phone calls for lunch order. And we’re happy to welcome them”, said Dyah to me. Really glad to hear that.

So there we were. We’re full and happy. Moreover, we were accompanied by Dyah’s new puppy named Cici and one lovely pitbull named Pedro.

Cici has a nice brownie and white fur, and also cute face. I can’t keep my hands and eyes away from Cici because it’s been awhile since the last time I hugged a puppy. I myself were missing my dogs I had before (Mammoth and Picho- I loose them because I had to move from the house I’ve rented. I had to give them away. Lucky me, I found friends who love to look after them) and seeing Cici made me gone wild (in Indonesian language we call  it: gemes.. it’s a sort of feeling that if we love something so much and we wanted to pinch and hug it intensely). We’ve said hi and rubbed Pedro only for while since Pedro were more enjoyed his time relaxing at the back yard rather than around warung. He’s a very loving and calm pitbull. Lots of people said bad things about pitbull.. but for me that’s not true. It depends on how the pitbull been raised. Pedro has been raised and brought out by love. And that’s how he is..a loving and caring big dog 🙂

After seeing Dyah and her family, we went to Mirota Batik which 10 minutes ahead from Pizza Sawah. Lots of nice local stuff there and we bought some of those. We checked some second hand stuff on a second hand shop named Barkas and then we had a great lunch in the duck place.. my favorite: Haji Slamet Fried Duck. And then after the yummy lunch we went for the second round of shopping time at Ambarukmo Plaza. Ruthie said she wanted to find and buy a nice boots for work.. but she found a nice rainbow colored sandals instead and some other small and cute things as presents. Ruthie smiled widely, and it made me really happy that she’d happy. It’s been a great shopping time. You know.. women.. :p

On the way home we dropped by at Hanis Bakery, bought some bread and a cake then we ended our day yesterday by playing dakon. I beat her… he he.. If you like to know about dakon, you can read some articles about it. Hmm.. you can find it on Google. I found these two good links:

Anyhow.. after having lotek for lunch, today we visited Kasongan the pottery village in Bantul. And then we went to Prambanan temple. On the way to Prambanan it began to rain. Thank god that Ruthie had an idea to take her rain coat other wise we would be completely wet already cause I only have one rain coat for myself and it won’t suit both of us.

Then we walked among the temples barefoot in the rain and half wet. That was my first time seeing Prambanan temple in the rain. I felt a bit sorry for Ruthie at the beginning, because it’s the first time she’s there and it should be sunny rather than raining. But.. this heavily rainy temple trip were so great. For me, seeing Prambanan in the rain were cool…cause now I know that the drainage system on each temple are really worked. And the dripping rain among temple’s relief looked wonderful. Ancient architects are awesome!!! They created such beautiful temples, clever designs and clever construction.

Ruthie’s such a very cool person.. Rather than swearing at the bad weather, she enjoyed the Prambanan’s view in the rain and found the beautiful side of it. Well.. it is beautiful temple, no matter how the weather is. And she got really excited to see small temples  around Prambanan.

After enjoying the beauty of Prambanan temple, we walked out to the garden to see other three temples. We had to stop walking and hide from the heavy rain on a hut between Prambanan and those three small temples, on the big garden around temple area. Few people was there as well, hiding from the rain. Meanwhile, I had to take a loo. I decided to have a loo in the bushes rather that walking further with Ruthie to toilet. I asked Ruthie to wait under the hut, and she stayed, smoked her cigarette. On the way back to hut, I got really excited to play the swing for children. Then I had a try..I was sort of remember a memory of my childhood. Playing swing. Must be more fun in the rain. I thought.. why I shouldn’t try? But, the sit of the swing was too high for a short person like me. I couldn’t get on it very well.. and I didn’t realized that Ruthie’s been watching me failed to get on the swing… Hmm.. probably she’s not the only one who watched me. That was funny… I was silly. But anyway, why does they put the sit that high if that swing meant for children?? That’s not fair… I couldn’t even get on it! And I’m an adults!! Well.. yeah.. I’m small.. but still I’m an adults. Well anyway, whatever… Stop complaining about the sit of the swing, let’s back to the story of my trip in Prambanan.

We continued walking barefoot to Lumbung temple, Bubrah Temple and Sewu Temple. We’re talking and laughing during the moment. And Ruthie said that at that moment our condition remind her of something interesting: we looked like two hobbits (wearing raincoat, walking barefoot, in the rain.. almost similar like Frodo and Samwise on their rope, walking barefoot during their journey).

Those three temples are so cool.. Ruthie and I felt really lucky to be there. For having this trip and being together, walking among one of the most beautiful heritage of the ancient culture. Hmm.. if we’re a couple. That must have been a great crazy romantic trip ever.

We ended our trip with a bowl of soto sapi sulung at jalan Solo on the way back to Tembi.

Feel great to be home again. Had a shower, clean and warm. We had a strawberry cake we bought and we played a round of dakon again (and I beat Ruthie again!). Thank you Ruthie my friend.. for being such a great person. It’s been a great day. Good night 😉


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