a big and dark hole called sadness

Have I told you about my habit before? Hmm.. I sometime fall into a big and dark hole called sadness. I could be very depressive. And this time, I am. I feel angry this time. It hit me so hard in the head and it turned out to be a major sadness in the last couple of hours.

Somehow I wished I was blind and I didn’t see anything sadden me. But it doesn’t seem wise to wish my self to be blind. I know blind people must be very grateful if they can see the world. No.. not only blind people thought that seeing the world is a precious thing.. Normal people would have the same idea.

But..forget about what’s wise and not wise. Who cares? I don’t. I considered, but I don’t think I  need that consideration. I got hurt. Deeply.

Am I a normal person? Or less?

Do having expectation was the root of most sadness?

Should I numb myself and kill every small expectation to keep my self away from this dark hole?

Do I deserve happiness?

Where is it?

Is happiness nothing more than a state of mind?

What if I set my mind into  a mindless mind?

What should we have to live beside a breathing living body?

I’m tired of life at the moment. What should I do?

Should I talk to somebody?

Who? Should I have somebody to talk with?

Then what’s the topic I should talk to?

Can somebody get everything he/she wants in this life? I don’t think so…

It’s so cold..


3 thoughts on “a big and dark hole called sadness

    • Nobody stays happy all the time Guillaume.. We’re human. Somehow sadness is beautiful. Don’t you think so? 🙂

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