Eat Duck!! Yumm…

Today a friend of mine named Fahrezal Sillia invited me to eat duck with him in a restaurant next to Tugu monument in my town, Jogjakarta. It’s one of my favorite dish. This restaurant serves the best duck in this town. The restaurant called: Bebek Haji Ahmad. Which means.. the duck dish made a la mister Haji Ahmad.

So.. this fried duck served with rice and sambal and vegetables (cucumber, local basil, and boiled papaya leaves). The duck must be cooked in a special way because it tastes sooooooo tender and yum.. I can’t tell… I recommended anybody to come and taste fried duck a la Haji Ahmad πŸ˜€

Anyway.. I was wondering why Fahrezal invited me to eat duck with him. And it was only me.. nobody else. And he said to me before: “We have to be there at 7th January.. 7th January!! Can’t be another day than 7th January.” And I’ve asked why.. And he answered none. Just 7th January!

Ok then.. but, anyway, 7th January the plan canceled cause I was sick and he lost his mobile number. Then, today, 8th January I got better and he called me. OK…. the ducks waved us to eat them!!!


As we’re munching the yummy duck, Fahrezal said that he invited me to eat duck because he wants to celebrate the 7th first day of this year.

Hmm.. ok… was that it?? That sounds weird and unfamiliar reason. He sound like a …hmm.. sort of 7th days believer. Hmm.. that sounds familiar to me. Like my father. He’s the 7th days Adventist.

But anyway… finally he admitted that 7th January was his 24th birthday.. πŸ™‚

Happy birthday Fahrezal. I am very honored to be the only person invited.

This song is my present for you:

Nice Weather For Ducks

*ps: After re checked, I’veΒ  realized that I’ve mentioned the wrong name for the restaurant in this writing. Actually it’s “Bebek Haji Slamet”, instead of “Bebek Haji Ahmad”. Thanks again to Fahreazal Sillia to remind me that I’ve wrote the wrong name. And .. Sorry for mister Slamet, I’ve wrote your name wrong πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “Eat Duck!! Yumm…

  1. hihihihi.. mbakce. maaf baru baca. aku search namaku di google, dan blogmu kluar di urutan ke 2. πŸ˜€ hihihi.. seneng gitu, namaku ada di blog orang. *gludaks!* πŸ˜€

    celebrate the 7th first day of this year. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh.. ternyata setelah ngecek lagi.. emang namanya Hj. Slamet ding.. ha ha ha.. kok aku ngertinya Ahmad ya? Mungkin karena aku nggaksuka nama “Slamet” jadi aku nggak sadar ingetnya Ahmat… Huuuu.. Tukang ganti nama orang sembarangan aja nih orang. Hehehe… emang siapa juga yang ngganti ya? :p

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