Happy new year.. and the first few things happened..


Happy new year dear friends. Passed through silent Christmas (which almost not exist in my calendar cause I didn’t celebrate it (I’ve lost in writing project report instead and alone)), and had a little crush on a guy I’ve never even met before at the end of the year (this is another story.. I’ll tell you about this next time), and finally I celebrated new year.

We (I and Dave) had Susie, Liam and Heather came over to town and for the first time in my life, I was stuck among people and mad motorbikes in the heart of my beloved town, the town square. It was crazy, but glad to experienced it. Thanks to my dear boss Dave. And glad of having Susie, Liam and Heather. They are super… 🙂

And there were few things i had as few things to be marked as interesting weird fun or you may call it odd.

1. On 1st January I went home and found the tree in my front yard fallen down by the rain and wind which came on 30th December. Cool… it was blocking half of the road in front of my house and I couldn’t even open my gate to come in. In urgent to have a loo, I went straight away to my friends house nearby and got them excited to see the fallen tree. They came and helped me clean it up and we’re finished in three hours. Great sport to begin a new year!! It’ s been a long time since I didn’t sweat that much.. Thanks for Anna and Tingkir for helping me cleaning up the mess caused by the fallen tree. Actually it’s not cleaned enough. Still.. it left a big mess in my front yard. I definitely need some more help.. cause it’s becoming a huge mossy nest. Well, anyway, eventually, the biggest branch fallen through one of cables which passing through my house. It got the cable cut out. I thought it must be my neighbor’s telephone line, but then I found out that it was a cable which linked to one of street lamps. Hmm… ow.. ow.. should I feel guilty? Blame it to the wind, hmm.. the rain.. THE TREE!! Now.. every night since then we have the corner of the street next to my house a bit dark, and I wonder why nobody try to fix it. Well.. nobody even ask something about it!! Odd neighborhood.. I LIKE IT!!

2. I fought with a person I really  care and love.. (hmm.. If you thought I’m a single woman, yes.. I am still a single woman. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to have somebody to love and care to).  Anyway.. I summarized it: I’ve never been that mad and angry. But we’re finally made up again.

3. I’m having a big and juicy pimple right under my lower lip. I’ve never had a pimple before.. but this time I got it. And it is a big, juicy and feels sore. Here, the youngers have some sort of beliefs about pimple: the existence of pimple in your face shows that you are actually in love. Believe it or not, it’s a cute belief.

4. Finally I felt overload on my work… Too much things to do and a mob of guests which suddenly came over in my boss’ house successfully drove me a bit insane.  I’m a bit ill now and I think I need to take a little break and rest a bit. I need to re manage and consume lots of oranges!!

Hmm.. that’s the high lights of my new year. I believe there’ll be lot more colors in this year 2010.

Cheers 🙂


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