I’m Home.

I woke up this morning. Not so early. I have a reason to be lazy since I seem to work all the time before and it’s Sunday. I refused to wake up at 8 even though a friend of mine, Anna, sent me a message on my mobile at 7. A message which needed a reply. I replied half an hour after and then i continued my sleep. I was completely woke up at 10 am.
I decided to feel good today. I wont let sadness defeated me. As i remember Eli said last night on our chat: “don’t let the sadness win.”
Then i started to clean up my house. I’ve moped out the floor, washed my laundry, wiped the dried fallen leaves from the ground, watering my plants, etc. Then I had 2 friends came over at 3 pm, Anna and Tingkir (another strange couple). We’re cooking together, laughed, had a late lunch together, got my horse ceramic broken by my Anna’s feet as she walked in slalomly (as she used to do with unimportant stuff. Breaking things is such an interesting habit of hers, then i should have known that she would kick the horse by accident so i should not put the horse nearby the door way, but that was ok cause somehow i thought that was funny cause every time i looked at my horse ceramic I know that it’ll be broken one day by her. And it’s just happened, so i was right).

I’ve found a very large difference between Bandung and Jogjakarta since I got back here in my town. Somehow I cant describe, but I’ve felt some of my lost soul came back to me and I feel better and saver. Bandung was nice, but maybe I just got used to Jogja then I felt more comfort being in Jogja than in Bandung.

I’m having my laundry hanging out now on my green plastic strings outside. I just got it washed with detergent and the powdery water in my house. I haven’t tell you that the water in my house not so good. It’s has white powder on it. So I can’t use this water to cook. I should get water from the tap outside my house, the one in the front yard. Makes me a little bit busy, and this situation creates a bit complicated system. But that’s ok. I’m grateful enough that I still can have a plenty water supply in this house then I can have a bath whenever I want. We are luckier than people who lived in areas which having not enough water supply and have to really counting on the rain as their water resource.
My half dried laundry swinging by the hot wind now, and I should checked them out every time I remember to check it out, in case the hot blowing wind ripped it of from the strings and throw it out of the ground.

Anyhow, I’ve been renting this house since September, but I feel that I’m home in this house for the first time just now 🙂


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